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10am to 5pm Mon-Fri
10am to 5pm Saturday 12pm to 5pm Sunday


32124 Lankford Highway
Keller, VA 23401



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Used Furniture
50's Theme
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Dealer Information

The antique mall is the modern day extension of the mom and pop antique store just as the supermarket is the modern version of the local general sore with benefits to both customers and dealers.

Benefits for Customers

  • 200 different dealers to shop from in one location
  • One selling policy
  • Easy access to all merchandise
  • Open aisles
  • Good lighting
  • Clean restrooms

Benefits for Dealers

We eliminate many of the concerns of an individually owned and operated retail store:

  • No ownership confinement and long hours
  • No need to find and finance a high traffic location
  • No high expense and overhead of doing business (collecting and paying sales tax, security, handicap access, leasing bank services for Visa/Mastercard, phones, utilities, etc.)
  • Reasonable leasing terms, low overhead and limited liability of a six month lease
  • Experienced, trained and professional sales staff provided
  • Minimal inventory investment compared to having to fill an entire store
  • Ability to own a business that will fit your time and lifestyle
  • Utilities provided
  • High traffic draw with other dealers and highway location
  • Ample free parking
  • Extensive security system
  • Temperature controlled environment – good for both antiques and customers
  • Single story with no interior doors that is ADA compliant
  • New building that was build from the ground up to be an antique mall
  • Regular business hours – 7 days a week, 361 days a year for more exposure and sales opportunities
  • Visa/Mastercard and check guarantee included
  • We collect sales tax and pay the state which eliminates legal and accounting problems
  • No business license required under Blue Crow Antique Mall umbrella
  • No extra charge for advertising
  • Opportunity to enjoy your antique collecting and selling with limited investment in time, funds, and paperwork.
  • We use a advertising budget in excess of $30,000 per year
  • Owning a business could have positive tax advantages – check with your tax professional

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