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New Pet Walk!


10am to 5pm Mon-Fri
10am to 5pm Saturday 12pm to 5pm Sunday


32124 Lankford Highway
Keller, VA 23401



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The Blue Crow Antique Mall, located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia is the home of on average about 200 antique stores all under one roof. Built in 2002 to be a state of the art antique center, it is located on one floor with no stairs or interior doors. It is completely A.D.A. accessible and has a free 1 1/2 acre pet walk along with unlimited free parking for cars, buses and campers.

  • located between Painter and Keller, VA
  • adjacent to Route 13
  • effortless access from our dedicated north and south turn lanes
  • second largest antique mall in Virginia

The antique shopper and collector is sure to find something from furniture, glass and dolls to antique hand carved decoys and fishing lures. With our great selections and dedicated full time professional staff it is a destination you don’t want to miss.